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Title: Oregano Oil for Nail Fungus - Pros and Cons

Author: Noah A.

With so many home remedies for nail fungus, it's hard to choose the one to try first. The best thing to do is to take things
step by step. To start off, one of the most talked about ""
 is Oregano Oil. I know that searching through the net can be a hassle so below we have summed up the
pros and cons mentioned about oregano oil for nail fungus.

To begin with, oregano oil is one of the most effective natural anti-fungus remedies. Since it is believed to be a fungicide it
has been used in many nail fungus products. This is also due to the fact that oregano oil contains antiseptic, antibacterial,
anti-parasitical, antiviral, analgesic and antifungal properties. Basically, all these factors add up to a great
remedy and destroyer for nail fungus. So, with so many benefits what are the cons?

Even though many say that oregano oil is one of the best nail fungus remedies, the substance itself is very strong or dermal
irritant. This means that it can cause irritation and your skin may become swollen or inflamed.

However there is still hope. As you can see, many do agree that using oregano oil does indeed work. Why? Because, it can be
diluted with some olive oil and thus reducing the potency or strength. Also, trying to avoid as little contact with the skin
as possible is also helpful and using small amounts or the dosage recommended on the product. I must stress that you always
consult with your doctor before trying any home remedy. Oregano oil has been claimed to be effective numerous times, but knowing
the right amount to use and how to use it is as important.

So how can you use oregano oil? While searching through the web I found this to be the best remedy, it's short and to the point:

Blend two drops of oregano oil with a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area daily for NOT more than
three weeks.

In the mean time you can follow a couple of great suggestions to prevent nail fungus or keep it from getting worse. If you tend
to wear sneakers or high heels for a long period of time during the day and your feet are trapped in a damp condition then it is
very important that you keep your nails clean and dry as much time as possible. For women, avoid using nail polish completely.
This is because nail polish traps moisture under the nails, making nail fungus worse. And of course a must for all and
something everyone should be doing is changing your sock daily. A great source of tips and information on all types of nail
fungus can be found at ""   Nail Fungus Remedies
Once again, remember to always consult with your doctor and always review which type of oregano oil product you buy and how
it is used. With patience and regular application of oregano oil in the right way, your nail will be healthy in no time.

About the author:
Noah A. is an expert writer for"   Nail FungusRemedies , A site concentrating on bringing you nail fungus
tips and solutions.





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